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  • Pride In Workmanship

  • Personalized Service

  • Consistent High Quality

About Keefe Construction Services…

Aggressive management, pride in workmanship, personalized service and quality assurance have enabled Keefe Construction Services, over the years, to achieve wide recognition for project performance and strong construction core values.

The Results of our dedicated team approach have provided a wide range of satisfied and repeat clients.

We are proud to be Registered Dealers with Butler Building Manufacturing systems and Lester Buildings. By Building over 500 custom pre-engineered buildings for farm, livestock, equine, hobby,  and commercial purposes we have gained the experience to meet your needs.

The company’s professional service, excellent rapport and reputation with developers, architects, subcontractors, and suppliers have enabled us to consistently complete projects on time and within budget.

We are your experienced local construction partner, from conceptual design to the final landscaping,. Our reputation and experience is the best assurance for your construction project. Whether it’s a dream barn, a truly personalized Man Cave,  or a prosperous new business, we build it with confidence. With Keefe Construction Services as  both  your Butler  Manufacturing  Building  Systems  and  Lester Building Dealer.


Saves you Time and Money by condensing time lines and reducing the overall construction schedule.
Simplifies and Streamlines

Simplifies and Streamlines…

Design-build construction simplifies and streamlines the entire building process.
Ideal Building Solution

The Ideal Solution…

Design -built buildings are the ideal solution to eliminating the extra steps.
Meet and Exceed Code Requirements

Meet and Exceed Code Requirements…

Design -built buildings are built to meet and exceed most commercial building codes.

Strength Through Simplicity.
Providing Durability For A Lifetime.

Expedited Design and Build Process
Simultaneous Site and Building Work With Minimal Site Disruption.
Superior, cost-effective quality control with fewer change orders
Efficient use of sustainable materials.